What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound found the the Cannabis plant that has significant medicinal benefits. It does not contain the compound THC, which has psychoactive properties that produce the "high" feeling. CBD WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH. 


Our products contain less that 0.03% of THC which is the legal limit and are derived from the Hemp species of Cannabis, however, you can also derive CBD from the Marijuana species of Cannabis. 

Is CBD a banned substance?

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has officially removed Cannabidiol (CBD) from its list of prohibited substances. Athletes can now use CBD at Olympic events

What can CBD and our products be used for? 

According to medical professionals such as Dr. Josh Axe & Dr. Sanjay Gupta,


CBD has the ability to:



1. Relieves pain and inflammation 

2. Has anti - psychotic Effects

3. Reduces Anxiety

4. Helps fight cancer 

CBd potently and selectively inhibited the growth of different breast tumor cells lines

(Based on a 2006 study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics)

5. Relieves Nausea

6. Shows signs of treating seizures and neurological disorders

7. lowers incidence of diabetes

8. Promotes cardiovascular health

9. Natural sleep aid

10. Promotes neuroregeneration (potentially an aid for post-concussion syndrome)

What is the right dosage for me? 

Depending on your weight and body type, male or female and simply how the receptors in your body react to CBD, your dosage can be any where between 5mg and 100mg per day of CBD. It also depends on your desired effect. For sleep, the more CBD the better. For anxiety, smaller dosages may produce the result you're looking for.

We suggest you Start by micro dosing CBD in your preferred form, gradually increasing the dosage until you hit whats right for you and your body type. Remember the receptors in your body react different from other people so don't constantly compare the outcomes. Gage your own body and study how you feel. Don't work too hard though, most of CBD's potential happens on our insides and may not produce a "feeling" but a general well being. Similar to a pre workout, some have added ingredients that give you a "tingling" feel but produce no actual benefit to your body. Some just quietly do their work on the inside and get you results. 


Use your own body as a reference. Use credible sources as we have , Ask your doctor about CBD, read articles, know what's going on your body! And ultimately, master your wellness. 

is Mastermind Bio-Wellness a CBD company?

In a word, No.

CBD just happens to be a major ingredient in some of our products and a great tool to help master your mind. We want to provide men and women with natural supplements to cope with some of the mental and physical struggles they face day to day.


For athletes, our products are plant based solutions that offer an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and opioids while playing or exiting the game they love. Also great for post workout recovery and inflammation. We believe in a holistic approach to mental and physical wellness, which means we go beyond CBD products to guide our clients into a healthy lifestyle.

Water Soluble or Oil CBD?

the KEY ADVANTAGE of water soluble CBD is that your blood absorbs a much higher percentage of the cannabinoids and terpenes than the oil. As much as one-hundred percent in fact, meaning you’ll be able to take less CBD and get the same desired affect. This, in turn, saves you money. 

Taking CBD oil sublingually (under your tongue) is advantageous because active components are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. CBD oil in a capsule form passes through your digestive system before it is absorbed into your bloodstream. CBD oil taken sublingually allows CBD and other cannabinoids to access your CB2 receptors quickly and efficiently. 

However, your body is made mostly out of water and because oil and water don't mix, the CBD oil never fully dissolves into your blood or inside any of your cells. In Oil, some of the cannabinoids and terpenes that are delivered to your CB2 receptors, using your blood as the primary carrier, never fully dissolve in your blood or cells.

The Bioavailability of CBD means how much of the compound is being put to good use. In some studies only about ten percent of the cannabinoids and terpenes from taking CBD oil sublingually is absorbed.

Why purple and green? 

Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red, symbolizes the calm and the chaos of one's mind. We ultimately want our clients to triumph in every aspect of their lives and in order to do so we believe you must master your mind and thoughts first.


Green is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, and is associated with meanings of growth, harmony. Some of our clients are in need of renewal from an old way of life, some have fantastic energy that they want to spread with the world and we at Mastermind Bio-Wellness want to be there for both.